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TikTok in 2020 – A beginner’s guide

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Angie Smith
February 24, 2020

TikTok, one of the biggest video-sharing Social Network service has grown exponentially since 2016. It was the most downloaded app in the App Store of 2018 Q1 according to Influencer Marketing Hub. Now spanning over 154 countries and with over 500 million users worldwide, it is absolutely critical to understand and leverage the popularity of this platform for your audience which continues to skyrocket.

Let’s take a look a few pointers on how you can start your own TikTok channel and build your following authentically.

  • Typically, the audience you will find on TikTok will be a millennial and GenZ audience. Most TikTok users (about 41%) are young and have very different viewing habits compared to the older demographic. Younger audiences tend to consume bite sized content which is why TikTok is that popular among younger audiences. In creating your content, you want to think about the type of audience you want to engage.
  • TikTok allows up to 60 second videos to be uploaded on its platform. Main videos include Viral Challenges, Fashion Tips, Lip Sync, Comedy Sketches and really fast consumable content. When creating your content, you want to look at the most viral trends and give your own direction/feel to that video when you create it.
  • You can also include viral #hashtags relevant to your videos in order to potentially get a higher reach on the platform.
TikTok – NBA
  • The other alternative is to use your own videos in the TikTok specifications to create your own videos if you have your studio setup. This option is for more advanced video producers who may already be looking at producing videos for other platforms.
    • A great place to start is looking at other verified and popular users’ content and starting there. Eventually, it is important to go in your own direction, however starting initially at already existing viral trends and giving it your own spin would be a good start for most first-time users and brands.
  • Brands can leverage TikTok by posting the lighter side of things. For example, the NBA uses TikTok to promote more fun activities such as Mascots riding on bikes or the half court shots or famous slam dunks, which are easily consumable by its viewers.
    • One of the key factors contributing to the whole viral nature of TikTok is the ability to share its content on other platforms. For example, if you already have a Facebook or an Instagram following, you can post your TikTok video on both Facebook and Instagram, with a link to your TikTok profile. This ensures your TikTok profile gets engagement from your existing audience.

TikTok has already been embraced by brands like Australian Reptile Park, AFL, NBA, The Washington Post, Calvin Klein and more. With its growing popularity and viral nature, TikTok seems to be a very promising platform if you want to build your audience organically. What do you think? Will it continue to rise exponentially, or do you think that TikTok will meet the likes of Vine or Periscope?

*Source: Influencer Marketing Hub


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