our team

We pack a lot of media and advertising experience into our team of experts.

Angie Smith

Managing Director

Before founding independent agency MediaSmiths in 2007, Angela had worked on the agency, broadcast, and publishing sides of the media industry and has an incredible insight into how each world works. Since then, Angela has worked across numerous well-known brands covering the whole spectrum of media, and leverages this know-how with her experienced wider team to get the best results for clients.

Mike Smith

Business Director

If you need to know more about Michael, you can ask pretty much anyone.

After more than twenty years in Australian media, it can be hard for him to make it from one side of a room to another – without bumping into someone he’s worked with along the way.

Michael has built a steadfast reputation in media planning and brokering, which has been built over decades of growing small businesses into large companies.

Eva Lina

Finance Manager

It’s hard to imagine that we employed Eva for her incredible mind, lengthy accolades and her experience in outdoor advertising. I say it’s hard to imagine, because if we had known about her delicious cakes and scrumptious baked goods – then we would have employed her years ago.

As our on-board CPA, financial analyst and all-round authority on all things numbers, MediaSmiths truly could not function without Eva – or her amazing desserts.

Michael Tibbles

Digital Media Manager

Hailing from the UK, Michael landed in Australia and joined the MediaSmiths team in March 2020.

Supporting our clients with their digital and social media strategies, he has 10 years of experience across both Brand and Digital marketing across all sorts of industries and businesses.

Outside of the office, Michael is a keen runner, traveller and is enjoying exploring all the wonders of his new home.

Talib Virji

Digital Marketing Specialist

Talib moved from India to Australia to discover new opportunities and undertake a business degree. Three years later he has an MBA in his back pocket, and experience in different areas of digital marketing – creative strategy, client services, media management, content creation, and analytics.

His goal is to travel to every single country in the world to fulfill his desire of meeting different people. In his spare time, you will most likely to find Talib at the beach or feasting away at a Mexican restaurant.

Corey Eyre

Senior Account Planner

Like most media “veterans” Corey started out as the general dogsbody in locally owned full service advertising agency, and over the next three decades progressed to senior trading roles at multinational giants including Mediacom (2010-2017) and Carat (2018-2020).

And while the media landscape has certainly changed over all those years, Corey’s commitment to clients and enthusiasm for chasing a deal remains the same.

Natalie Murray

Senior Account Planner

Natalie Murray is a Media Buying and Planning professional with over the 15 years’ experience in the industry. Natalie has worked across many different companies such as Nova Entertainment, Sandbox Media, SCA MTV and was also involved in the launch of the Independent Media Agencies Australia that have given her experience to be an expert in her field. Working across both media and agency side Natalie provides clients extensive media recommendations and quality insights that deliver results for their brand. In her spare time Natalie can be found spending time with her family and beloved dogs.

Tim Halling

Graphic Designer

Sadly, there isn’t a huge demand for professional travellers, full-time food tasters or experienced Miami Heat Fans. Luckily for Tim, however, he has another passion: design.

With roughly ten years of experience in both traditional and contemporary design, as well as extensive digital marketing experience; Tim is our unstoppable juggernaut for all things colour scheme, kerning, and negative space.

As well as being our design guru, Tim is also our resident advisor for all things gastronomically chic. So if you need a restaurant recommendation – just ask Tim.   

Jameson Smith

Junior Graphic Designer

As an avid football fan unfortunately Jameson wasn’t picked up for FC Barcelona so he is now cutting his teeth in the real world of media and advertising as MediaSmiths junior graphic designer. As a recent school leaver he is also studying graphic design at the esteemed Enmore TAFE Design College and is looking forward to building his skill set and supporting clients with some clever and eye-catching creatives. In his spare time he loves to hang out with his friends at the beach, play football (soccer) and draw.

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