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Mediasmiths offers a range of media, marketing and creative services to help ensure your business gets noticed and connects with more potential customers.

What is a media agency?

A media agency is an organisation that focuses on solving complex marketing and branding problems for its clients. The solution is achieved through extensive research around consumer insights and the needs of the clients with the goal of identifying and delivering the best media to reach a particular goal for the campaign.

How can a Media Agency add value to your business?

Using expertise and market experience coupled with access to customer data is usually a key factor in leveraging success in any marketing campaigns. This is where a media agency’s role becomes critical. At the end of the day, a media agency’s goal is to provide a comprehensive media strategy and execute successful marketing campaigns for their clients’ products/services to well-researched target audiences.


A media agency provides strategies from an initial brief based on the client’s goals, which may be product/service awareness or even increasing traffic to the website/social media pages.

Consumer Insights

Understanding the audience and the customer is a crucial element in the planning process where a media agency can utilise its research capabilities to create and present invaluable insights, which form the basis for campaign implementation strategies.

Leverage Existing Relationships

Media Agencies can benefit their clients by harnessing the power of great relationships. This factor is very beneficial to clients as they can leverage these relationships to get the best price/positioning and opportunities available though not always broadly understood.

Why work with us?


Highly skilled and expert staff at a media agency such as MediaSmiths allow us to create Strategic Marketing solutions that sell, engaging your customers in human and effective ways.


Our staff at MediaSmiths are restlessly curious and intelligent and think outside the box so that yours can focus on their roles.


MediaSmiths expertise in the Media World with a combined experience of 50+ years in all spheres of media including offline and Digital allows a unique perspective on solving Marketing and Branding problems for its clients.

Our services

MediaSmiths offers a range of media, marketing and creative services to help ensure your business gets noticed and connects with more potential customers. Some of our many services offered include:

Media buying services

Marketing partnership

A credible Marketing partner living in the real world. We are able to take full control of Marketing for you if required and no internally focused resource exists.
Digital & Social Media

Marketing strategy

Developing a strategic framework that serves as a guide customised to deliver against your short and long-term objectives and ambitions.
Digital Programmatic

Insight and idea generation

Brand proposition development and articulation, developing new ideas or making the most of existing ones.

Printing services

Media strategy and planning, all media, on and offline.

Independent full-service offering partnering with where valuable and building extended teams with best of breed partners.
Graphic Design

Digital and Social Media Specialists

We specialise in Social and Digital Media Advertising and Campaign Monitoring. With an experienced team and access to best in class tools systems and data we are able to position your brand uniquely and memorably to your current and future customers. MediaSmiths can also help you with website development needs by offering tailored bespoke design and management solutions.
Creative services

Branding and Creative

At MediaSmiths, we can also help you with your content and creative requirements. Whether it is graphic design, experiential, non-traditional advertising, guerrilla, car -wraps or street art we’ve got you covered.

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