In today’s world of seemingly endless distractions, marketers are continually competing for consumers’ limited attention. Fortunately, research has proven that a good creative strategy has the ability to elevate the effectiveness of an advertising campaign.

It is an essential tool for marketers who are looking to make a lasting impression with their audience. By producing emotional, engaging, and distinctive content, you can connect with consumers in a way many brands are unable to, and make people remember you when it comes time for consideration.  

Distinctive, Engaging, and Emotional Creative

According to the WARC’s Anatomy of Effectiveness Whitepaper, there is now widespread evidence that communication considered highly creative is also considered distinctive, engaging and emotional – able to capture more attention and ultimately be more effective at driving action. What exactly does it mean to communicate with your audience in this way?

Uber Eats has brilliantly executed this with the recent Sharon and Kim campaign. Audiences were immediately drawn into the ad, as it blends the iconic Aussie TV show and the modern queen of pop culture, Kim Kardashian.

This humorous approach in advertising the food delivery service not only grabs the attention of consumers through a clever concept, but it also gives people a reason to share and have a laugh with friends, and go viral. Audiences are engaging with the campaign all over the world.

It is worth going the extra length to build contextual and emotional elements into your marketing and creative strategies, distinctive communications are memorable and provide a sustainable impact on brand awareness.

“In this age of information, memorability is not earned lightly. Brand campaigns that can be recalled after 60 days become signifiers for consumer action, and the campaign becomes active rather than passive.”

Nigel Hughes, MD of Havas PR

Helping the Bottom Line

In addition to memorability, there can be a large financial advantage to pushing good creative out into the marketplace.

Multiple studies have found that there’s a positive relationship between ad creativity and profitability. Creativity is one of biggest determinants of advertising profitability. In essence, Content is King.

If you would like to explore new creative concepts for your next advertising campaign, please get in touch and we can assist with all of your creative and marketing needs. 

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