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Metro Radio Survey 7, 2019 Wrap

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Angie Smith
November 14, 2019

2GB continues to lead in Sydney

As the year warms up and Christmas decorations start to show up across retail outlets across the country,  the seventh radio ratings are officially in, the second-last for the year. Once again in Sydney Macquarie Media’s 2GB leads this market as the number 1 overall station with a 13.3 share.

Here’s a breakdown the ratings across the country, beginning in Australia’s harbour city.

Smooth FM retains its number 1 FM spot

Smooth FM held its position as number 1 FM station at 9.3 growing 0.1 share points followed by KIIS at 9.0 who dropped 0.1 share. Interestingly both WSFM and 2Day FM took a hit of 0.6 share points each this survey sitting at 7.6 and 3.9 respectively. With 2Day FM’s new format of no celebrity breakfast hosts and music it will be one to watch and see how they pan out with their demographic over time.

Alan Jones continued to dominate in breakfast with a 16.1 despite dropping 0.7 share points. Driving home, was a tight race with 2GB’s Ben Fordham sitting at 9.8 just pipping out KIIS FM who delivered 9.7 share points and were closely followed by Nova’s Kate, Tim and Marty at 9.4 and Smooth FM at 9.1.

Nova 96.9 had the most listeners of any station in this market with 1,034,000.

Gold 104.3 continues to chase 3AW’s lead in Melbourne

3AW has long been the leader of Melbourne’s listeners and continues to dominate with a 15.2 share this survey, but again this survey Gold saw another increase in share of 0.5. having said that, 3AW also saw a significant increase of 1.3 share points. Popular breakfast host Christian O’Connell could have helped with the climb.

Similarly to their Sydney counterparts, Melbourne’s commuters favoured the big-time MRN station 3AW on the way to work. Ross and John saw a huge leap in their session of 3.3 share points to 20.6. Their nearest competitor was Gold at 9.1.

Heading home the race is a little tighter with listeners tuning into a variety of stations however 3AW led in drive with 12.3 followed by Gold with 11.2%, and Fox with 10.5%.

Brisbane delivers one of the tightest races

Once again in Brisbane the race was tight between four stations. The winner however was Nova 106.9 at an 11.9 share followed by Hit 105 at an 11.1 and a tie for third with 97.3 and Triple M at 11.0.

Nova had suffered a substantial loss of 0.9 points from last survey but was still able to hold its lead. Looking at the dayparts, Nova led in the key breakfast and drive sessions which would have made contributions to their status leading overall.

Nova 91.9 Takes top spot in Adelaide

NOVA 91.9 gained 0.7 share points to take out Mix 102.3 and lead in the Adelaide market. We predicted this trend last survey and it came to fruition.

Fiveaa still dominates in breakfast with a 12.7 share however, Mix 102.3 followed at 11.4, with Nova coming in at third with 10.9 points. Nova was the clear winner in drive with 16.4 share points, its nearest competitor Mix 102.3 at 12.2.

NOVA 93.7 dominates almost all day in Perth

In Perth, there hasn’t been a huge amount of movement – NOVA 93.7 continues to lead in almost all the dayparts. 

The morning and afternoon dayparts did, however, see 96FM and evenings led by 6PR on top.

96FM suffered the most significant loss of all commercial stations in the Perth region, losing 0.8% share. Nova 93.7 has the most listeners in Perth with 584,000

Looking forward: what will the impact of Nine’s ownership on Macquarie Media be?

There has been a lot of talk around the impact of Nine’s ownership of the Macquarie Media network especially with the recent CEO departing the network and most likely another round of job cuts to come. We’ll have to wait and see.

Stay tuned for more in depth analyses of what’s happening around the nation in commercial radio. Should you need any further info or would like to discuss anything to support your media and advertising campaigns, the team at MediaSmiths is only a call or email away.

Source : GFK Survey 7, 2019

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