As we approach the warmer weather that Spring brings and say goodbye to winter, the results of Metro Radio Survey 5 offer substantial changes from previous surveys. Audiences listening to radio in Australia continue to surprise us with their preferences. Survey 5 emphasises that changes in results from demographics and dayparts contributed to a major degree of dynamism and rank changing. Undoubtedly, both radio content, radio advertising, and radio personalities affect these rankings. A summary of Metro Radio Survey 5 and its ramifications follow.


In Sydney, 2GB were the overall leaders in the market with WSFM again being second place-holders although the margin between them decreased slightly. Smooth FM 95.3, tied last survey with KIIS 1065 for third place, with NOVA 96.9 now in fourth place. KIIS 1065 dropped off to fifth place with a 1.4 share loss overall and an 8.2 loss among listeners 18 to 24. In the Breakfast segment, the 2GB Alan Jones show remains in the top spot with an unbelievable 214 consecutive wins. WSFM with Jonesy and Amanda improved its ranking to second place overall but taking out the coveted Number 1 FM knocking off Kyle and Jackie O from their FM breakfast throne to number 2 FM and third overall. It was the Drive segment that demonstrated some real ranking changes. NOVA 96.9 with a 2.5 share gain from Survey 4 has now jumped to the top spot with second place now occupied by WSFM with a 1.6 gain. Close behind is Smooth FM 95.3 at third place with 2GB tumbling from first to fourth place with a 1.1 share loss.


Down the coast to Melbourne, 3AW remained in first place despite a 0.6 share loss. Smooth FM 91.5 jumped from fourth to second place. Not far behind is third place 101.9 FOX FM and fourth place GOLD 104.3, both with small share losses overall. Losing 6.0 shares in the 10 to 17-year-old group did not help 101.9 FOX FM. In the breakfast segment, Ross Stevenson and John Burns, for their 134th consecutive win and 204 career wins, continued to dominate the ratings despite a 0.6 share drop. 101.9 FOX FM remained in second place while NOVA 100 and Smooth FM 91.5 tied for third place. At GOLD 104.3, Christian O’Connell dropped 1.3 shares in his first full survey. The 3AW Neil Mitchell morning show kept their top spot for their 183rd career win. In the Drive segment, 101.9 FOX FM kept their top spot despite dropping 1.2 shares. GOLD 104.3 and 3AW retained their second and third place spots.


Moving west to Perth, NOVA 93.7 retains first place despite dropping 0.8 shares. MIX 94.5 and HIT 92.9 remained in second and third place respectively. In the Breakfast segment, NOVA 93.7 and MIX 94.5 retained their first and second place spots. In the Drive segment, NOVA 93.7 stayed in first place despite a 2.2 share drop. MIX 94.5 remained in second place, losing 1.2 shares. HIT 92.9 pulled into third place, 0.6 shares behind MIX 94.5.


In Adelaide, MIX 102.3, FIVEaa, NOVA 91.9, and 5MMM retained their first, second, third, and fourth place rankings with only FIVEaa picking up shares from the previous survey. In the Breakfast segment, FIVEaa with David and Will rule the roost. MIX 102.3 with Jodie and Soda remained in second place. Third place 5MMM increased their margin over fourth place NOVA 91.9 who dropped 0.7 shares. In the Drive segment, MIX 102.3 and NOVA 91.9 remained in first and second place. However, FIVEaa, with a 2.4 share gain cruised past HIT 107 to garner third place.


Finally to Brisbane, HIT 105 has now leaped from third place to occupy the top spot. 97.3 FM and 104.5 TRIPLE M are now locked in a tie for second place. Previous leader NOVA 106.9 has now slipped to third place with a 0.8 share drop. In the Breakfast segment, HIT 105 with Stav, Abby, and Matt are on top with a 0.6 share gain. Now in second place is 104.5 TRIPLE M while NOVA 106.9 has dropped to third. In the Drive segment though, NOVA 106.9 did retain their lead despite dropping 1.2 shares. HIT 105 stayed in third place with a narrow 0.3 share lead over third place 104.5 TRIPLE M.

There is always so much happening on the airwaves to keep people around the country entertained. Whether its interviews with politicians on the AM dials, to music and movie stars on the FM dial as well as promotions to win thousands of dollars, there’s opportunities to stay in touch with audiences on an intimate level and reach them at mass as well as within a geographic locale. We thank the dedicated people at GFK for their precise metrics for this dynamic medium. We always depend on these numbers to lend us insights into the industry and assist our clients in building their brands and driving their business objectives. Keep your eye on us for more commentary as the year moves on.

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