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The 3 Things Every Marketing Campaign Needs: Content, Creativity and Call to Action

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Angie Smith
June 23, 2019

Creating a marketing campaign that effectively reaches your business goals may seem straightforward right? You may look at your business and its current situation, define goals, determine target markets, analyse competitors, strategize mediums to be used, budget and then execute the campaign (to put it simply).

However, to create a memorable and successful campaign, it is integral that businesses think more in the eyes of their consumers in understanding the most effective way to reach them. This is where the 3 C’s your campaign needs kicks in.

Content, Creativity and Call to Action.


Let’s start with content! It seems to be the buzzword of marketing, but how many of us really understand the impact that engaging and compelling content has on a business’ strategy?

As defined by the Content Marketing Institute, Content Marketing is a strategic marketing approach focused on distributing valuable, relevant and consistent content to attract and retain defined audiences and in turn, drive profitable customer action. It is a cost-effective method that requires high-quality and relevant content to be delivered on a consistent basis.

Strategic thinking and consistency are key elements for any content marketing campaign. By taking the time to create meaningful and relatable content, your target audience is more inclined to resonate and connect with your brand. Take, for instance, Nike. The brand continues to deliver content in a consistent tone that sells aspiration rather than the product and encourages consumers to #justdoit

So, what type of content should your organization use for content marketing purposes?

The Content Marketing Institute highlights the top 5 types of content used by Australian marketers; Social Media Posts, Videos, Illustrations/Photos, Case Studies and Infographics.

No matter what type of content you decide to produce and how you distribute it, whether that be via email, Social Media, blogs or in person; always remain authentic, transparent and loyal to what your company stands.  This, in turn, will assist in improving brand reputation, trust and relationships with customers.

Also, encouraging user-generated content is a great way to put your audience at the centre of social content.


Another C that is a must-have for your campaign is Creativity.

Adding creativity to your campaign is fundamental in generating greater appeal to your target audience and standing out in an already fragmented marketplace. It is undeniable that we as consumers have reached an all-time high in terms of content consumption, whether that be through radio, print, outdoor and digital. This is where the power of creativity comes into play, as by having messaging that is contextually relevant and visually appealing, you will have a greater chance of standing out.

So, what exactly is Creativity and how can your business implement this into your strategy? As Rollo May quotes:

Creativity is the process of bringing something new into being requiring passion and commitment.

Whatever medium/s you choose for your campaign, always remember that for your brand to break through all the clutter and gain visibility, it is VITAL that you continually re-evaluate your strategy to take that extra leap.

Take for instance the 2011 Coca-Cola ‘Share a Coke’ campaign that involved personalized bottles of the top 150 most popular names. The campaign showcased creative genius and had a positive response amongst consumers both online and offline due to its connection on a personal level and its individual storytelling.

It is re-inventing the old and pushing boundaries. It is understanding your target audience and knowing how to connect with them through a suitable tone. It is coming up with a killer headline that you know will grab attention.


The last C that is key to an effective marketing campaign is a Call to Action.

What is a Call To Action?

A Call to Action (CTA) is designed to get an immediate response or encourage a sale from your target market. Statements such as ‘Buy Now,’ ‘Call now’ or ‘Free Trial’ are just a few examples of ways you can implement Call to Action phrases in your strategy.

Take for instance Radio and the quick window of opportunity you have to make an impression. By implementing a CTA, your business may have a better chance of clearly directing your target market to the next step of the process in a clear and precise way, whether that be directing the consumer to a store location, a website or getting them to call a phone number.

An example of a brand that has nailed its CTA is Netflix. The household name in streaming movies and TV shows CTA of ‘Watch anywhere. Cancel anytime – Join Free for a month’ is to the point and immediately lets users know they are able to watch their favourite shows wherever they are and are able to cancel after the free trial period with no risk associated.

Whatever your CTA for your campaign is, focus on ONE primary goal such as awareness, traffic or conversions.  Make your copy compelling and use language that will resonate with your target audience. And keep in mind that you may need to test your CTA messaging, copy and button design as changing even one word could have a huge impact on your campaign’s effectiveness. 

NOW…lets create a campaign!

Most successful marketing campaigns will not be created in a day but will be a process of research, planning and testing. A great campaign will not only continue to innovate and evolve with their consumers but will push the boundaries in order to stand out amongst competitors. Great Content accompanied by Creativity and a clear Call to Action. 3 key areas to focus on in your businesses.

Consistency, Collaboration, Convenience and Context are just a few more C’s that are essential for your campaign…but we will save that for another time! For further discussion on how MediaSmiths can help your business strategize and create a memorable and successful marketing campaign, please get in touch with us today.

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Before founding independent agency MediaSmiths in 2007, Angela had worked on the agency, broadcast, and publishing sides of the media industry and has an incredible insight into how each world works. Since then, Angela has worked across numerous well-known brands covering the whole spectrum of media, and leverages this know-how with her experienced wider team to get the best results for clients.

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