Our Team

We pack a lot of media and advertising experience into our team of experts.

Angie Smith

Managing Director

When Angela tells you that she’s worked on every part of the media pie – she means it. From selling space in The Yellow Pages; to brokering deals with traditional media outlets; to now strategising multi-national digital and offline integrated campaigns; Angela is a formidable Swiss Army Knife of media experience.

Before founding MediaSmiths in 2007, Angela had worked on both the agency, broadcast and publishing sides of the media industry so she has an incredible insight into how each world works, which Angela leverages to get the very best results for all of her clients.

Mike Smith

Business Director

If you need to know more about Michael, you can ask pretty much anyone.

After more than twenty years in Australian media, it can be hard for him to make it from one side of a room to another – without bumping into someone he’s worked with along the way.

Michael has built a steadfast reputation in media planning and brokering, which has been built over decades of growing small businesses into large companies.

Sam North

Media Planner

Our resident Oxford native and aficionado on all things English Premier League (or, as Sam prefers to call it, “actual football”), Sam is also our master of digital media buying.

He brings a wealth of knowledge from his years of media planning and purchasing across multiple agencies in London and Sydney, and now that he’s wrapped his head around the local lingo, Sam has become our resident Ronaldo (we’ve learned some lingo, too).

Divya Poojary

Account Manager

It’s impossible to pigeonhole Divya.

Having studied biotechnology, marketing and commerce; and with a background in athletics and dance; Divya is as unique as she is accomplished.

Luckily for us, Divya chose MediaSmiths rather than the CSIRO. So her extensive skillset is regularly put to use for media planning and buying; as well as our digital and social media strategies.

When Divya isn’t working all hours to get the best result for her clients, she’s working hard to get the top score on the latest Xbox game.

Benni Lucas

Digital and Social Media Manager

Benni is a double threat: strategic and creative.

During his time in content creation, across multiple Sydney agencies, Benni’s quest to discover more about his target audience ignited a passion for data diving and analytics.

Nowadays, Benni is MediaSmiths’ primary research analyst and resident ‘DataPhile.’ When he’s not investigating new trends and technologies to transform raw data into targeted narratives; you’ll find Benni on the knobs and dials – as MediaSmiths’ official Office DJ.

Eva Lina

Finance Manager

It’s hard to imagine that we employed Eva for her incredible mind, lengthy accolades and her experience in outdoor advertising. I say it’s hard to imagine, because if we had known about her delicious cakes and scrumptious baked goods – then we would have employed her years ago.

As our on-board CPA, financial analyst and all-round authority on all things numbers, MediaSmiths truly could not function without Eva – or her amazing desserts.

Bec Cooper

Office Manager and Director of First Impressions

Bec has more energy than you could possibly imagine.
Lucky for us, she’s happy to share some of it with the MediaSmiths crew.

Bec’s unlimited energy makes her a perfect fit for our fast-paced industry, and her lengthy experience in the world of production means that she’s completely un-fazed by the constant buzz of the MediaSmiths office.

So far, we’ve found that the thing Bec can’t do, is pass up a chance to try the latest, insta-famous dessert or sugary delight – which may explain her constant high energy levels.

Tim Halling

Graphic Designer

Sadly, there isn’t a huge demand for professional travellers, full-time food tasters or experienced Miami Heat Fans. Luckily for Tim, however, he has another passion: design.

With roughly ten years of experience in both traditional and contemporary design, as well as extensive digital marketing experience; Tim is our unstoppable juggernaut for all things colour scheme, kerning, and negative space.

As well as being our design guru, Tim is also our resident advisor for all things gastronomically chic. So if you need a restaurant recommendation – just ask Tim.   

Andrew Valencia

General Manager

Andrew is an optimistic, passionate, internationally experienced and credible leader of successful teams and businesses. He is a creative strategist, solution finder, problem solver, and data and insight driven marketing and media expert.

He has worked for a number of outstanding brands in the Marketing, Advertising, Technology and Media world with a successful track record across a range of businesses from multibillion dollar international corporates to entrepreneurial start-ups, working with clients including IBM, Lenovo, Nike and McDonalds for companies including Mindshare, GroupM Significance Systems and Ogilvy.

Andrew is proud to be a Welsh Australian and is always armed with a full repertoire of sometimes relevant stories.

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