If you don’t know about digital Programmatic advertising, you should: It’s marketing magic!

Digital programmatic uses a highly targeted algorithm for reaching your target audience based on a sophisticated variety of factors including weather, location (down to 5km’s!) and interests.

The Digital Programmatic Platform we work with uses Real Time Bidding. It harnesses technology, data and people to make intelligent decisions around the placement of ads including Display Banners, Social Media and Video advertising. 

Sophisticated targeting options

It’s not only possible to run ads based on demographics and keywords searched, its also possible to place ads contextually.

For example, one client sells heaters. We can run targeted ads that only run when the weather drops below 15 degrees, appearing with articles about home improvement. Or ads that target people on their phones in the radius of an ice-cream shop, with special offers when the temperature exceeds 30 degrees. 

There are a host of other targeting options including share prices and even social sentiment of brands on social media. Ads can switch off if brands get negative press online.

Contextual content sparks customer interest

Contextual ads make the most sense. Based on certain keywords the platform selects where to run ads. We’re running a campaign for a national food company with a line of products tailored to parties. It’s possible to automatically run ads on articles about recipes and party planning leading up to certain events and celebrations such as Australia Day.

Identifying factors driving sales

The smart thing about digital programmatic is it can be automated and is based on intelligent algorithms. It hones performance over time, tapping into new opportunities and identifying factors that influence sales. For example, it was found that people are more likely to buy home insurance when the temperature drops below 10 degrees.

What’s the smartest use of digital programmatic you’ve seen? Do you like highly targeted ads? They’re all the rage with big brands in the UK. Smart companies here in Australia are getting on board. Get in touch to see what magic we can work for your business.

Angie Smith

About Angie Smith

Angela started the company in 2007 after working in various media including radio, Yellow Pages as well as on the advertising agency side. She has a passion for media planning across channels, strategy, development and negotiation and really loves working with clients in growing their businesses and brands. She has worked with many brands large and small including local, national and multi-nationals. Angie’s pastimes include travel, food, entertaining.