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Mobile Marketing and How Audiences are Changing

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Angie Smith
July 31, 2017

Breakdown of Mobile Marketing

According to an article from Bonfire Marketing, “mobile first marketing is now and consumer expectations are higher than ever.” In addition, brands need to comprehend key behaviours and demographic changes to stay relevant in the future. For example, it is predicted that in the United States, non-Hispanic whites will be a minority by 2044. Taking another example, the IGEA Digital Australia Report 2018 reports that the average age of video game players in 2017 is now 34 which is up 1 year from 2016, and 2 years from 2013.   Also, the proportion of female players has increased from 41 percent in 2007 to 46 percent in 2017. Marketers who ignore trends such as these will do so at their own expense.

With regard to mobile marketing, customers now want a blended experience between your site, their device, in-store activities and social media. There are now more than 2.32 billion smartphone users who rely on the web for shopping. Data from Nextiva indicate that in 2016, close to half of Facebook’s users were mobile only. In addition, Google will be ranking sites based on whether they are mobile friendly. It will be to your benefit to think “omni-channel” experience rather than putting mobile marketing in a separate category.

Your mobile marketing will benefit from:

  • Targeting your mobile ad campaign so that it reaches the right consumers with the right message.
  • Redesigning your mobile ads to include video and other animations.
  • Linking it with social media and utilising the right social channels according to your target audiences
  • Staying current with the latest and most well-used Per Statista, the typical smartphone user now has 27 apps on their phone. Are you using current features from social media, for instance, the “Quote Tweet” button from Twitter and the “Post Notification” feature from Instagram?

If you understand how customers interact with their app, you can personalise your marketing—and modern apps are capable of doing this. One marketer found that personalised content boosted engagement by a factor of four. In an article entitled “How Smart Apps Will Change the Mobile Marketing Game in 2017” by Momchil Kyurkciev, the author states that “predictive analytics will enable apps to anticipate and react to a user’s desires before they’re even expressed.” An example of this is retail apps personalising product suggestions based on past shopping purchases or personal events like a spouse’s birthday. Messaging apps have now surpassed social media in terms of active users, and AI-powered chatbots are now the new emphasis for mobile-first users. Plus, the chatbots are getting smarter all the time.

Smart apps will offer content right at the moment you are most likely to engage with it. Related to this, mobile marketing is focusing more on geolocation. To generate new clients, you will need to go where they are and speak to them in their language. By using their GPS, mobile devices can target a person’s location. You may be at a hotel and find a social media message asking you to leave a rating. Native ads will become crucial for mobile marketing campaigns, and they will appear to be part of the app itself.

Here are more tips for your mobile marketing campaign.

  • Do not leave long pages of text. Since mobile viewers may only give your site seconds of time, put the most essential information, such as address, opening hours, and mobile number, right at the top.
  • Make your website responsive by making sure it detects the device it’s being displayed on and adjusts to that.
  • Ensure you’re creative is devised to fit the ‘small screen’ and is not intrusive. Make it the content that the audience wants to interact with and therefore drives value for your brand.
  • If you are having trouble with mobile marketing, find an expert who is proficient at it.

If you’re looking for a partner who can help you explore and develop both mobile and desktop marketing, our expert team at MediaSmiths will assist you. We completely understand the wider media landscape across Australia and can help you craft a perfectly balanced overall strategy that delivers the best from varied types of marketing and advertising. Get in touch today to start mapping out your options!

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