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What are Micro-Moments? An Introduction

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Angie Smith
March 26, 2019

Obsessed with SMARTPHONES? Aren’t we all! This is the state of our fractured consumer-journey. The increased access to connectivity and screen time has led to ruptured marketing funnel. In my everyday life as a Marketer, I hear this all the time when my clients say – “We don’t want to bombard our customers with too much advertising and follow them around and intrude their daily lives!” I personally do not enjoy ads following me around like a creepy stalker every time I talk about a product or accidentally click on a link to a product. This is why ‘Micro-Moments’ are not to be ignored!

What is a Micro-Moment, you ask? Anytime you turn to an internet aided device to find, learn, watch or buy something – you are experiencing a micro-moment.

The philosophy behind micro-moments is that, in today’s busy lifestyle we are constantly bombarded by content, ads, offers, emails where we are unable to consume any more content. The industry has reached a state of ‘content shock.’

What brands fail to understand is that they are not the centre of their consumer’s world. Thus, the key of micro-moment marketing is to embrace the idea that we have a few seconds of incredibly high relevance to capture their attention. In those few moments, brands are constantly challenged to fight for consumer’s attention or else we have lost them until next time. Now you ask what do we do? There are different tactics that we as marketers can use to be part of those mini second moments of their life.

Micro-moments are Spontaneous

Consumer habits are constantly shifting. ‘We want what we want when we want it and we want it now.’ – this is the approach consumers have to products. For example, say it’s raining, and I have just left for a business meeting. I am on the road and realised I don’t have an umbrella, and I don’t want to be going into a meeting in a wet suit. So, I make the instance decision in that moment, that I need an umbrella.

I look at my phone and realise I also need a phone case and yea also a laptop case…hey because they are getting wet too! So, in that micro-moment, I have made three micro-moment decisions to purchase an umbrella, phone case and laptop cover. In this micro-moment, when I use my device to search for these products that is the time, you have my attention and I am all eyes! Marketers must put nimble flexible systems in place to address the consumers unplanned, impulsive micro-moments.

Micro-moments demand Relevant Content

Consumers are time poor! What they need and care about is content that is relevant to them. That’s the only way any brand will get my attention if they are targeting me. Another point to note is consumers want content that can be consumed quickly and easily. In this world of selfies and user generated content, everything brands do doesn’t need precise and heavy production.

With ‘near me’ searches on the rise, consumers are expecting personalised and significant content that addresses their unique needs in real-time.

Micro-moments are a Value-Based Exchange

Every interaction is an exchange, whether it’s a conversation or a product. In our daily lives, we are constantly exchanging time for either money or insights or knowledge or experience. So, the same theory applies to consumer engagement with a brand. What value do they get out of that interaction?

Micro-moments need to be Motivational

There are 4 key relevant micro-moments in everyone’s stage of purchase.I want to know, go, do and buy.

If we hit those four micro-moments, we are bound to grab their attention. Sounds simple right? Basically, consumers want brands to be mind readers and anticipate their every need. If brands are able to anticipate and deliver on those needs, the customers are more likely to engage and make quick decisions.

There are tremendous possibilities with Micro-moments. Understanding your customer journey is the key to success in any marketing campaign. With the right holistic approach in advertising you can tell your brand’s story in a more effective and engaging way and tap into your customer’s decision-making process.

To find out how you can use Micro-moments for your clients, let us know.

About Angie Smith
Before founding independent agency MediaSmiths in 2007, Angela had worked on the agency, broadcast, and publishing sides of the media industry and has an incredible insight into how each world works. Since then, Angela has worked across numerous well-known brands covering the whole spectrum of media, and leverages this know-how with her experienced wider team to get the best results for clients.

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