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Metro Radio Survey 6, 2019 Wrap

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Angie Smith
October 2, 2019

2GB keeps its crown in the sixth radio ratings

Spring has sprung, and we are well and truly into the second half of 2019. The sixth radio ratings are officially in, covering the period of July 14 to September 21. Surprise, surprise – Macquarie Media’s 2GB takes the top spot in Sydney once again – the 123rd survey in a row.

Let’s breakdown the ratings across the country, beginning in Australia’s biggest city.

KIIS 106.5 makes headway in Sydney

Interestingly, KIIS 106.5 made the most significant gain in the Sydney metro region, with its listener numbers growing 0.9% to a total share of 9.1%. This puts KIIS in third place behind 2GB’s 13.4% share and Smoothfm 95.3’s 9.2%. 

Smooth 95.3 FM enjoyed a rating boost, with the station’s average share jumping 0.1%.

2GB’s reign was at its highest during Alan Jones’ breakfast. The commute home, however, was dominated by KIIS 106.5 and NOVA 96.9, both of which took 10% of the listener share between 4.00 pm and 7.00 pm.

Gold 104.3 hot on 3AW’s heels in Melbourne

3AW may own 13.9% of Melbourne’s listeners, but after a 2.2% listener share jump, Gold 104.3 is hot on its heels. Popular breakfast host Christian O’Connell could have helped with the climb.

Following the same pattern as Sydney listeners, Melbourne’s commuters favoured the big-time station on the way to work. During the breakfast hours, almost one-fifth of listeners choose 3AW.

But after work, Melbournites spread themselves out over the three reigning stations: 3AW with 11.1%, 101.9 FOX FM with 11.8%, and Gold 104.3 with 12.6%.

Tight Competition in the Sunshine State’s capital

The folk living up north in Brisbane do things a little differently. Instead of one dominating station, four have dominated the listener share: HIT 105 at 10.9%, 97.3 FM at 11.3%, 104.5 Triple M at 11%, and NOVA 106.9 leading the way at 12.8%.

Of the four, just one suffered listener losses over the month-long period. 97.3 FM’s share dropped 0.9% from 12.2% to 11.3%.

The other three made gains, with HIT 105 jumping 1.5%, the most substantial leap.

Despite losses, Mix 102.3 leads again in Adelaide

Mix 102.3 takes out the top spot again with a 12.3% share despite a substantial 1% loss. NOVA 91.9 gained headway, pulling a 0.4% gain to claim a total share of 11.3%.

If the trend continues, the smaller station could overtake the state’s leader in the next few months, especially as more and more listeners make NOVA 91.9 their station of choice on the drive home from work.

NOVA 93.7 dominates almost all day in Perth

In Perth, it’s the same story as the last radio ratings – NOVA 93.7 dominates almost all day long with an average weekday listener share of 13.5%. 

The morning and afternoon dayparts did, however, see 96FM on top. This station also saw the biggest leap in listeners, which were up 2%.

6iX suffered the most significant loss of all commercial stations in the Perth region, losing 1% share.

Looking forward: is Alan Jones untouchable?

Alan Jones’s breakfast show takes out the number one spot across the Sydney region again – and by a long shot. Despite a 0.3% hit, Alan has pulled through and secured 2GB first place in Australia’s biggest city. 

The question is, how long can this continue? Is Alan Jones untouchable? Or can Kyle & Jackie O of KIIS 106.5 (who have their own fair share of controversy over the past few weeks following Kyle Sandilands offensive religious comments and subsequent eight-minute live apology) win out? 

Looking forward, that who knows? Anything can happen in this game. Stay tuned for more in depth analyses of what’s happening around the nation in commercial radio. 

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