Hold onto your hats because the radio survey 7 results are here! And the results are pretty substantial this time around. As its now November, this is the second last survey of 2018, and as always the networks have surprises in store.

Starting in Sydney, 2GB is actually down with share drop of 1.3, but is still certainly in the lead with a 14.1 share and their 116th consecutive number 1 in this market. All age groups except people aged 55-65 showed a share decrease, and all times except the evening slot showed a drop for 2GB. WSFM lost its 2nd place status with a share drop of 1.8, taking them all the way down to 5th place and leaving them with only an 8.2 percent market share. The 2nd  place slot belongs to Smooth FM 95.3 with an 8.8 share who also takes the number 1 FM crown. KIIS 1065 are slowly making their way up the ladder, going from 4th to 3rd  place with a market share gain of 1.3, bringing them to an 8.6 share. NOVA 96.9 showed a share gain of .4, but it didn’t seem to help them and they moved down from 3rd place to 5th. The good news is they’re still in 1st place in the Drive day part with a share of 11.8, even with a drop of 1.0. Alan Jones as always won the breakfast slot in Sydney by a country mile with a 17.5 share and KIIS was the closest rival at 10.7.

Heading South to Melbourne, not much has changed. 3AW remains in the number 1 spot and is still climbing with a 1.0 point overall market gain, leaving them at an untouchable 14.5 share. They really seem to be appealing to almost all ages, showing a gain in all age groups except those between 40 and 54. They also showed no decreases whatsoever in any of the time slots – pretty impressive. Behind them, Smooth FM 91.5, 101.9 FOX FM, and GOLD 104.3 hold 2nd and 3rd place. These stations have barely moved, but 101.9 FOX FM and GOLD 104.3 are now tied with a 9.5 market share. 101.9 FOX FM is still in the lead in the Drive slot with an 11.0 market share. They’ve also taken the top spot for the Afternoon slot as well with a 1.0 market share gain boosting them to an 11.5 and leaving GOLD 104.3 in 2nd with only an 11.0.

Making our way over to Perth, NOVA 93.7 has made a comeback and stolen the number one spot back from MIX 94.5 with a share gain of .9 that brought them back up to 14.4, compared to MIX 94.5 with a market share of 13.9. This is quite a feat considering that NOVA 93.7 had share losses in age groups 10-17, 18-24, and 55-64. HIT 92.9 still remains in 3rd place overall, but in the Driving session, they actually showed a 1.6 share gain that allowed them to surpass MIX 94.5 with a market share of 12.9 and put them in 2nd place behind NOVA 93.7.

Now headed down over to Adelaide, MIX 102.3 still yet remains at the top, even with a share drop of .6 that has left them with a market share of 13.0. This drop has come mostly from the 10-17 and 18-24 age groups, and there just wasn’t a big enough gain in the older age groups to balance it out. Their competitor in 2nd place, FIVEaa, has dropped down tremendously – a share drop of 1.9 has brought them down to 10.9, creating a larger gap between the two. FIVEaa still holds onto the top spot in the Breakfast and Evening sessions, even with the drops, and MIX 102.3 holds onto the 2nd place spot in the Breakfast section.CRUISE 1323 isn’t far behind from FIVEaa, overall. Their share gain of 1.0 brought them up to 10.2, allowing them to surpass 5MMM, earning 3rd place. NOVA 91.9 holds 4th place with 9.6 market share, showing a market share gain of .8.

Lastly, we’ll go back up to Brisbane, where it’s a pretty close battle for the top spot. 104.5 TRIPLE M, with their gain of .4 now takes 1st place with a market share of 11.6. NOVA 106.9 had a share drop of 1.1, which brought them down to a market share of 11.5 and placed them in 2nd, not far behind104.5 TRIPLE M. HIT 105 still holds 3rd place with 11.3, even after a share drop of .4. 97.3 FM and 4KQ still hold 4th and 5th place as well. While 104.5 TRIPLE M may be in the lead overall, they are only 2nd in the Afternoon slot with HIT 105 taking their spot, 3rd in the Drive slot, 4th in the Weekends slot, and 6th in the Evening slot.

Radio is always changing it seems, and this survey had some pretty interesting results. We’d like to thank the people at GFK for their time and effort that they put into gathering all of the detailed and accurate data so that so that we can gain important insights which we use to help our clients. There is only one radio survey left for the year, and you don’t want to miss it. So keep an eye out for the next one to see how this year wraps up!

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