Hey I am Eleanor, I have been an intern for MediaSmiths now for just over a month. Throughout my time here I have sat in meetings and presentations outlining different forms of advertising. I personally believe that one of the latest and greatest trends in advertising that is groovy and young is a form of outdoor marketing that captures colour and accessibility. Here at MediaSmiths we are proud and excited to work with new and eye catching media, as they hold new trends and exciting ways to advertise, such as shopping centre hand rails, bicycle billboards and chalk art, using bright and vibrant colours that get short sharp messages across to the public in target locations. These forms of advertising are hard to put into one category as they’re a mix of traditional and modern, and include anything out of the ordinary including experiential, outdoor advertising and street art. We can use these quirky new and innovative media to enhance digital, radio, TV and outdoor.

Bicycle Billboard

Bicycle Billboard

This innovative type of advertising doesn’t make you cringe; it makes you want to see more and brings a smile to your face. Using chalk art on the streets informing passers-by of new restaurants, gyms and club openings captivates local people. Chalk drawings outside gyms telling people about a new kind of water, or placing hand rail advertisements to inform shoppers about a new product in a supermarket. Many outdoor experiential methods used are also environmentally conscious which is great in saving resources used in some mainstream outdoor advertising. Another format is using pressure hoses to cut into the pollution on the street, creating messages. A company who uses these methods really effectively is StreetFighter Media. Bicycles with billboards strapped to the back can ride around any destination and inform the public in specific areas, allowing a client to target a specific audience such as local workers for a new store.


Chalk Advertising

These forms of media are young and fresh, harnessing the fast paced and busy lives that we all live, affecting people who may may not engage with television or radio advertising. At MediaSmiths we like to use a holistic mix of traditional and digital and a sprinkling of groovy unconventional methods to create a holistic media strategy for our clients. We’re always on the lookout for new and exciting forms of advertising and love to collaborate with funky media providers.
Have you seen any new groovy advertising methods lately that caught your eye? Are you interested in new trendy ways of advertising your business? If you’d like our help with ideas, strategy or creative then contact us today!

Thanks to StreetFighter Media for the images provided.