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Does Your Website Need a Refresh?

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Angie Smith
August 11, 2015

With the competition getting rougher and consumers getting smarter, 2015 is a year many businesses have chosen for a complete brand makeover. One of the main reasons behind this huge wave of change is that businesses, both small and big, have realized that digital marketing and online presence is now essential for survival and success. So, when we say complete brand makeover, the first thing we have on our minds is a new website. Unfortunately, a large majority of businesses think they can skip past that major step.

If you too think your website is good enough for you, here are a few facts that might offer a good reality check.

  • Web Design Has Evolved – 2015 is expected to be the year when mobile users will surpass the number of desktop users. If your website design isn’t responsive enough to adapt to various screen sizes and dimensions, you are losing 60 to 80 percent of your prospects.
  • New Websites Rank Higher – Even the search engines get tired of your same old boring website. While you need newer content, a new design also helps you climb the search engine ladder. Google in particular, has become very picky about designs after the recent Panda and Penguin updates.
  • Your Competitors Have Evolved – Take a quick round of your competitors’ websites and you will realize that most of them have a new website with fresher content and a more responsive and interactive design. They will appear more impressive to your prospects. Now, can you afford that?

If you are up for a brand makeover and a digital marketing strategy that delivers results, a new website is undeniably the first thing you need. And you need it RIGHT NOW!

About Angie Smith
Before founding independent agency MediaSmiths in 2007, Angela had worked on the agency, broadcast, and publishing sides of the media industry and has an incredible insight into how each world works. Since then, Angela has worked across numerous well-known brands covering the whole spectrum of media, and leverages this know-how with her experienced wider team to get the best results for clients.

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