I caught up with Jeff Bullas recently to talk about the future of digital trends and how he built his brand online.

Jeff is voted top digital marketing influencer of 2016! He has a pretty interesting life story. He’s been a teacher, worked in IT, then became one of the most well known digital marketing influencers after starting his blog in 2009.

Here are my key takeaways from our chat:

Email lists are key. As the opportunity for organic social reach is now so low, the next big thing is building emails lists, then following up with sophisticated sales funnels which answer their pain points and concerns, ultimately leading to an action. For example, that action may be coming in for a meeting, buying a product, course or ebook. Jeff uses Infusionsoft to automate the whole sequence.

Use time limitations on offers. For example, when offering a freebie or special deal. Otherwise people bank it in ‘things to do’ and never get round to it. Has to be compelling of course.

Google trends is a great place to check what’s hot and create blogs / content on those topics. Hot topics I’m interested in the digital world are digital entrepreneurs and digital nomads.

Story telling – it’s huge! I know we’re sick of hearing about it, but it really should inform how we approach content. I’ve subscribed to a mini course about story telling which has been interesting commuting reading.

Influencer marketing – another term that has exploded. It’s not relevant for every business, but when they have the budget it should be a key consideration. Especially for instagram where it can be hard to get traction for some brands.

Ongoing education is vital. Sounds obvious, but allocating time & resources to keeping on top of trends & learning, or ‘sharpening the saw’ makes all the difference. It can often be overlooked in pursuit of ‘doing stuff’. Ignore it to your detriment, especially in digital! Good post about this here.



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