Is there anything better than going to watch a great movie on a big screen with no distractions? Cinema is a popular form of entertainment in Australia today, according to Screen Australia, 69% of Australians go to the cinema at least once a year. Out of the people that go to the cinema, the average number of visits per year is around 7. This has remained relatively consistent for the past 15 years, however there has been a spike in more recent years with average visits jumping to over 8 versus the usual 7. In fact, data from Roy Morgan shows that around 1 million more people went to the movies in 2018 than the previous year.


With the number of people going to the cinema on the rise, cinema advertising provides a unique opportunity for advertisers to reach an increasing number of people. Now is a great time to explore big screen advertising for your business, but what are the benefits?


Cinema offers the unique ability to reach a captive and receptive audience, which is what differentiates it from other mediums. Unlike other ads on the television for example, a cinema audience is much more engaged and likely to take in the content of your ad. The focus at the cinema is on the big screen, and arriving in time to get snacks, and watch the ads and trailers before the movie starts is all part of the experience. The bigger and higher quality screen, combined with a quality surround-sound system, dark lighting and zero distractions, makes for the perfect recipe in getting your audience’s undivided attention. In fact, people are 44% more likely to remember what they saw in the ads at the cinema than on regular home TV.


Typically, cinema attracts a young, upscale audience with an above average disposable income. People aged between 14 and 24 are still the most regular movie-goers and have not shown a decrease in numbers in the past 10 years. However in recent years there has also been an increase in older demographics attending the cinema. The remake of popular old school films will have helped the appeal to an older audience. As a shared experience, cinema goers are also likely to bring their family and friends, extending your reach.

Cinema advertising can also be targeted to specific and niche markets. Carefully crafted content delivered to the right audience is a strategy for success in any medium. To ensure you get the undivided attention of the right audience, the ability to pick a specific film and showing time will be very important.

In general media consumption is greater in the evenings than in the mornings, and it’ll be no surprise that this includes going to the cinema. Depending on your audience and budget however, securing a day time ad can also be very effective. Looking at the typical day and behaviours of your target audience will come into play here.


Looking at the big picture, adding cinema advertising to your marketing strategy is an effective way to reach and engage your target audience and grow your business. An entertaining and impactful environment, cinema advertisements are likely to be willingly consumed and remembered by your audience. The film and time of day to show your ad will depend on your budget and the target audience. Remember quality over quantity to ensure your brand message has relevance for your audience.

If you think cinema advertising could work for your business, contact us at MediaSmiths to discuss adding cinema into your marketing mix.

Natasha Michelmore

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