We are now in the second half of 2018 and the results of Metro Radio Survey 4 offer some real surprises. As we have previously noted, nothing holds constant from previous surveys. However, Survey 4 puts an explanation point on that as changes in results from demographics and dayparts contributed to a major degree of dynamism and rank changing. Undoubtedly, both radio content and radio advertising affect these rankings. A summary of Metro Radio Survey 4 and its ramifications follow.


In Sydney in the FM category, 2GB slightly widened their lead over second-place WSFM. Share gains from persons age 40 to 65+ helped this result. However, Smooth FM 95.3 pulled into a tie with KIIS 1065 for third place, both with an 8.4 market share. In the Breakfast segment, the top three placeholders once again retain their rankings. The 2GB Alan Jones show remains in first place with 213 consecutive wins. KIIS 1065 stays in second place while WSFM remains in third place. 2GB is also in first place in the Drive segment with a 0.7 share gain from Survey 3. NOVA 96.9 has now earned a second place spot ahead of third place KIIS 1065 which dropped a 1.2 market share. WSFM follows in fourth place, and 0.1 share ahead of fifth place  is Smooth  95.3 FM.


Moving south to Melbourne, 3AW retained their first place standing despite a 0.6 market share drop. GOLD 104.3 again edged out 101.9 FOX FM for second place, with Smooth FM 91.5 remaining in fourth place. Focusing on the Breakfast segment, Ross Stevenson and John Burns, for their 133rd consecutive win and 203 career wins, retain their domination despite a 0.8 share drop. 101.9 FOX FM and GOLD 104.3 featuring Christian O’Connell, both with small gains from Survey 3, retain their second and third places respectively. The 3AW Neil Mitchell morning show keeps their top spot for their 182nd career win. In the Drive segment, Hughesy and Kate at 101.9 FOX FM continue to dominate all FM and AM competition. However, GOLD 104.3 has moved past 3AW to earn second place, relegating 3AW to third place.


Heading across the continent to Perth, the new leader is NOVA 93.7 displacing MIX 94.5 for first place. Helping NOVA 93.7 were gains in the 10-17, 18-24, 25-39, 40-54, and 55-64 age brackets. Conversely, hurting MIX 94.5 were losses in the 10-17, 18-24, 25-39, and 65+ age brackets. HIT 92.9 and 96 FM kept their third and fourth place rankings. In the Breakfast segment, MIX 94.5 with Clairsy, Matt, and Kymba dropped behind NOVA 93.7 to come in at second place. NOVA 93.7’s 2.1 share gain from Survey 3 certainly helped them. In the Drive segment, NOVA 93.7 jumped past MIX 94.5 with a 2.1 market share gain. This must have come at the expense of MIX 94.5 with a 2.0 share loss.


Going to Adelaide, MIX 102.3 held their first place position. FIVEaa with a 1.4 share gain moved into second place. NOVA 91.9 rose from fourth to third place while 5MMM, with losses in the 25-39, 40-54, and 65+ age brackets, plummeted from second to fourth place. In the Breakfast segment, MIX 102.3 with Jodie and Soda lost their lead to FIVEaa, with Penbo and Will,  who gained a 1.8 market share from Survey 3. 5MMM remained in third place but only by 0.3 points over fourth place NOVA 91.9. In the Drive segment, the new leader is MIX 102.3 with a 1.5 share gain. Dropping from first to second place is NOVA 91.9. HIT 107 comes in at third place with a 1.6 share gain.


Finally to Brisbane. Emerging from last survey’s tie, NOVA 106.9 now leads 97.3 FM by only 0.3 shares. HIT 105 again trails these two stations but holds the third place spot. In the Breakfast segment, NOVA 106.9 with Ash, Kip, Luttsy, and Susie keep their narrow lead over HIT 105. 97.3 FM remains in third place. Likewise in the Drive segment, with NOVA 106.9 leading second place HIT 105.

The changes from the radio Survey 3 were substantial which makes the results that much harder to predict. It is difficult to say which contributed more to the survey results—radio content or radio advertising. We thank the dedicated people at GFK for their excellent metrics for this dynamic medium. We always depend on these numbers to lend us insights into the industry and assist our clients in building key strategies to reach audiences. Keep your eye on us for more commentary as the year unfolds.

Angie Smith

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