The year 2018 is now nearly one-third completed. The results of Metro Radio Survey 2 will be examined by marketers and media companies for any trends among the different stations. This holds true for not only the major metropolitan areas but also for the rest of Australia. The year’s second set of statistics yield intriguing results and as usual, nothing holds constant from the previous survey. The following summarizes the most interesting takeaways we can observe from Metro Radio Survey 2 which has just been issued.


In the FM category here in Sydney, 2GB retains their lead with an 11.5 point share despite a 0.3 drop from the previous survey. KIIS 1065, with a 1.4 gain from the previous survey, moved into second place. Smooth FM maintained their third-place standing with an 8.5 market share while WSFM dropped from second to fourth place at 8.4. Regarding age demographics, KIIS 1065 again leads among persons 10-17 (with a 5.6 gain in this category) and 25-39. NOVA 96.9 is the new leader in the 18-24 category. WSFM again leads among people 40-54 but only by a 0.1 margin. 2GB once again dominates among seniors 55+.

Turning now to the breakfast segment, the top three placeholders retain their spots: the 2GB Alan Jones show in first (211 consecutive wins), KIIS 1065 second, and WSFM third. The 2GB Ray Hadley morning show notched its 111th straight win. In the drive segment, KIIS 1065 rules the roost having advanced from third to the top spot. NOVA 96.9 drops from first to second, Smooth 95.3 holds at third place, while WSFM drops from second to fourth place.


Heading south to Melbourne, the first four finishers retain their respective spots from Survey 1. First is 3AW at 13.7 continuing their 13 consecutive years winning streak, second is 101.9 FOX FM at 11.4, third is Smooth FM at 10.1 just edging out fourth-place finisher, GOLD 104.3, at 10.0.

Once again, for their 131st consecutive win, Ross Stevenson and John Burns dominate the breakfast segment with 201 total career wins. Second in the breakfast segment is again 101.9 FOX FM. The 3AW Neil Mitchell morning show retains top spot for their 180th career win. In the drive segment, 101.9 FOX FM leads followed by 3AW, and then tied for third place, GOLD 104.3 and NOVA 100.


Moving across the continent to Perth, again the first four finishers from Survey 1 retain their respective spots. MIX 94.5 leads at 15.6, NOVA 93.7 takes second at 12.0, HIT 92.9 remains at third place at 10.7, while 96 FM with a 1.5 drop moves well back into fourth place at 7.5. In the breakfast segment, MIX 94.5 again leads NOVA 93.7, 15.0 to 13.9. In the drive segment, MIX 94.5 and NOVA 93.7 traded places with MIX 94.5 now at the top spot at 15.9 and NOVA 93.7 at 14.4, having dropped 1.6 from the previous survey.


Heading to Adelaide, MIX 102.3 again leads at 15.7. 5MMM improved their position from third to second place while FIVEaa dropped from second to third place. NOVA 91.9 held on in fourth place. In the breakfast segment, MIX 102.3 holds at first place while FIVEaa retains their second place ranking. In the drive segment, the top three finishers from Survey 1 hold their spots: MIX 102.3 in first place, NOVA 91.9 in second place, and 5MMM coming in third.


Finally to Brisbane where 97.3 FM is the new leader at 12.9. NOVA 106.9 with a 0.5 drop slid into second place at 12.1. HIT 105 and 104.5 TRIPLE M held their respective third and fourth place spots from the previous survey. In the breakfast segment, HIT 105 and 97.3 FM were tied for first place while NOVA 106.9 was only 0.3 behind the leaders. In the drive segment, NOVA 106.9, despite their 1.1 market share drop, retained their lead over HIT 105.

Australia’s 2018 radio market has changed from the first 2018 survey which is not unusual. It remains difficult to predict with great accuracy. We thank the hard working people at GFK for their great statistical breakdowns for this always changing medium. We continue to depend on these figures to give us insights into the industry and help our clients manage their budgets during the year. Keep your eye on us for much more commentary as the year progresses!



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